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Failure to obey the instructions and safety rules in the appropriate Operator's Manual and Service Manual for your machine will result in death or serious injury. Many of the hazards identified in the operator’s manual are also safety hazards when maintenance and repair procedures are performed.

Do Not Perform Maintenance Unless:

  1. You are trained and qualified to perform maintenance on this machine.
  2. You read, understand and obey:
    1. manufacturer’s instructions and safety rules
    2. employer’s safety rules and worksite regulations applicable governmental regulations
  3. You have the appropriate tools, lifting equipment and a suitable workshop.

DEF Specifications and Storage

Models Affected : JLG® and SkyTrak® telehandlers equipped with Tier 4F Cummins Engines

JLG has received reports of DEF-related engine fault codes on JLG® and SkyTrak® telehandlers equipped with Cummins Tier 4F engines.

Ensure the DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) solution is the correct specification. Cummins recommends using only DEF solutions that maintain 32.5% (+ or -1.5%) of urea content by weight. JLG P/N 70011378 is available. The urea content can easily be checked with a refractometer, JLG P/N 70011925. The DEF solution must meet the requirements of International Standard ISO 22241-1 for diesel engines. There is no acceptable substitute. For engines using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems, operating in the United States and Canada, DEF certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) is recommended for use. The symbol below[U1] will appear on the container or dispensing system to indicate certification.

DEF should be stored in sealed containers, and at 23° to 77°F (-5° to 25°C). Avoid storing containers in direct sunlight to ensure better shelf life.