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Failure to obey the instructions and safety rules in the appropriate Operator's Manual and Service Manual for your machine will result in death or serious injury. Many of the hazards identified in the operator’s manual are also safety hazards when maintenance and repair procedures are performed.

Do Not Perform Maintenance Unless:

  1. You are trained and qualified to perform maintenance on this machine.
  2. You read, understand and obey:
    1. manufacturer’s instructions and safety rules
    2. employer’s safety rules and worksite regulations applicable governmental regulations
  3. You have the appropriate tools, lifting equipment and a suitable workshop.

"Running at creep" on JLG ADE Boom Lifts

Models Affected : JLG® Boom Lifts

“Running at creep, creep switch open” is not a code that signals a problem. The code simply alerts the operator that the creep switch is activated, and this alert will also be accompanied by an illuminated green indicator light on the platform display. Integrated into the rotary speed control on the platform display, the creep switch is activated by turning the knob all the way to the left until it clicks. At this point, the “Running at creep” code will display. Keep in mind that this code is not related to any limited switches and is limited to the rotary speed control knob.