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0010: Running at Cutback - Out of Transport Position

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Serial number range: 0300203771 - 0300300000

No high drive speed and the oscillating axle is locked with the main boom below elevation and the telescope is retracted.

Note: If the machine has 2.13 software and older the boom length switches will read the same on the JLG Analyzer. Updating the software will read them open and closed



Possible Causes

Damaged Harness

Malfunctioning Switches

Troubleshooting Steps

An attachment below will assist with the following steps.

1. Put the boom in the transport position which is with the boom below 3 degrees and the boom is retracted to within 12 inches of full retraction. The transport position can be verified by using the JLG analyzer and navigating to DIAGNOSTICS/SYSTEM/TRANSPORT MODE/IN TRANSPORT. OUT OF TRANSPORT will tell you the boom length switches or boom angle sensor isn't reading correctly.

2. Check the position of the boom length sensor while retracted using the JLG analyzer. Go to DIAGNOSTICS/SYSTEM/TELE RETRAC SW 1/CLOSED and TELE RETRAC SW 2/OPEN. (If you have software revision 2.13 and older both switches will read CLOSED when retracted)

3. If the boom length switches are not reading as above, the switch will need checked for proper setting and the circuit from the ground control module to the switches and back to the module will need checked for a good circuit. There is a wiring schematic within the attachment below.

4. Both boom length switches will get 12 volt power from the J7 Pin 33 of the ground control module. Switch 1 will return to J7 Pin 21 and switch 2 returns to J1 Pin 34.

5. There are no elevation switches on this vintage machine because it uses a boom angle sensor. Use the JLG analyzer while connected to the ground control module to calibrate the boom angle sensor.

Suggested Tools

  • Multimeter
  • Schematic
  • JLG Hand Held Analyzer

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