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1761:9 - Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Level - Abnormal update rate

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The diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) quality sensor has been unable to generate a fluid level for a period of time. The DEF sensor is unable to communicate the data via canbus to the engine control module.

Note: This fault is often associated with 3364:9 DEF Concentration and 3031:9 DEF Temp. The DEF sensor is responsible for monitoring all 3 parameters of the fluid.

Possible Causes

Defective DEF Sensor Assembly
Defective Engine Harness
Defective Canbus Resistor

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Locate the 4 pin connector at the top of the DEF tank assembly.

A. With the key in the ignition position, check pin 4 for 12 volts using pin 3 as the ground.

1. If you have 12 volts go to step B.

2. If you do not have 12 volts, try using a chassis ground to make sure it isn't a defective ground.

a. Repair the ground in the harness if you get 12 volts using a chassis ground.

3. If you still do not have 12 volts, check the F18 engine and ECM fuse behind the panel below the joystick controller.

a. If it is good and has 12 volts at the fuse holder do a continuity check from pin 4 of the DEF connector to the F18 fuse holder.

1. Use the wiring diagram attachment to assist in making any needed wiring repairs.

B. With the key in the off position, do a resistance check between pins 1 and 2 of the DEF Sensor connector. The resistance should be 60 ohms.

1. If you have 60 ohms, replace the DEF sensor assembly.

2. If you do not have 60 ohms, continuity checks will need done to see why it's not reading the two 120 ohm resistors in the circuit. Use the canbus attachment below to locate the connectors of the canbus circuit.

a. If the harness can not be repaired to the proper resistance the harness will need replaced.

2. With 12 volts, ground and good canbus to the DEF Sensor connector, the fault should clear.

A. If it does not clear, the DEF sensor assembly will need replaced.

Suggested Tools

  • Cummins Analyzer Kit
  • Standard Mechanical Tools
  • Fluke Multimeter

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