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Chargers are in integral part to electric and battery powered vertical lifts, scissor lifts and boom lifts. Offering genuine battery chargers to keep your machine running and up to charge.  These Genie chargers are designed by Genie engineers for Genie equipment.
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1264372GT 1264372GT CHARGER, 24V, 650W, USB

Part Number: 1264372GT, Description: CHARGER, 24V, 650W, USB, Genie Parts

Our Price: $937.98
Sale Price: $881.70
You save $56.28!

1272232GT 1272232GT CHARGER,24V,650W,USB

Part Number: 1272232GT, Description: CHARGER,24V,650W,USB, Genie Parts

Our Price: $1,002.78
Sale Price: $942.61
You save $60.17!
1266528GT 1266528GT CHARGER 48V/25A CAN BUS

Part Number: 1266528GT, Description: CHARGER 48V/25A CAN BUS, Genie Parts

Our Price: $1,515.95

Part Number: 38581GT, Description: CHARGER,12V,10A,AUTOMATIC,DOM*, Genie Parts

Our Price: $570.51

Part Number: 825013GT CHARGER INTERLOCK, GS47, Genie Parts

Our Price: $18.98
1295066GT 1295066GT CHARGER,15A 24V,GPD

Part Number: 1295066GT CHARGER,15A 24V,GPD, Genie Parts

Our Price: $688.06
1297231GT 1297231GT CHARGER 48V, 35A ,USB

Part Number: 1297231GT CHARGER 48V, 35A ,USB, Genie Parts

Our Price: $745.75
1299678GT 1299678GT CHARGER, PACK, STD, FLA

Part Number: 1299678GT CHARGER, PACK, STD, FLA, Genie Parts

Our Price: $961.73
1299679GT 1299679GT CHARGER, PACK, STD, AGM

Part Number: 1299679GT CHARGER, PACK, STD, AGM, Genie Parts

Our Price: $1,733.19
1299680GT 1299680GT CHARGER, PACK, CN

Part Number: 1299680GT CHARGER, PACK, CN, Genie Parts

Our Price: $905.80
1303309GT 1303309GT CHARGER,15A 24V,CAN,GPD

Part Number: 1303309GT CHARGER,15A 24V,CAN,GPD, Genie Parts

Our Price: $630.50
1305893GT 1305893GT CHARGER,24V,350W,CAN,OVP

Part Number: 1305893GT CHARGER,24V,350W,CAN,OVP, Genie Parts

Our Price: $879.45
1305894GT 1305894GT CHARGER, 24V, 350W, CAN

Part Number: 1305894GT CHARGER, 24V, 350W, CAN, Genie Parts

Our Price: $528.56
1319030GT 1319030GT CHARGER,DELTA Q,GS1932

Part Number: 1319030GT CHARGER,DELTA Q,GS1932, Genie Parts

Our Price: $451.16
1319032GT 1319032GT CHARGER,DELTA Q,IC650

Part Number: 1319032GT CHARGER,DELTA Q,IC650, Genie Parts

Our Price: $663.46
1319249GT 1319249GT CHARGER ,DELTA Q, WITH OVP,GS1932, Genie

Part Number: 1319249GT CHARGER ,DELTA Q, WITH OVP,GS1932, Genie Parts

Our Price: $451.16
1319250GT 1319250GT CHARGER, GPD,GS1932

Part Number: 1319250GT CHARGER, GPD,GS1932, Genie Parts

Our Price: $359.84