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Failure to obey the instructions and safety rules in the appropriate Operator's Manual and Service Manual for your machine will result in death or serious injury. Many of the hazards identified in the operator’s manual are also safety hazards when maintenance and repair procedures are performed.

Do Not Perform Maintenance Unless:

  1. You are trained and qualified to perform maintenance on this machine.
  2. You read, understand and obey:
    1. manufacturer’s instructions and safety rules
    2. employer’s safety rules and worksite regulations applicable governmental regulations
  3. You have the appropriate tools, lifting equipment and a suitable workshop.

Ground vs. Platform Personality Adjustment with Handheld Analyzer

When adjusting personalities on any JLG model equipped with the ADE system, there are separate personalities for platform and ground controls. A common misconception is that if you are plugged into the ground, then you are adjusting the ground personalities by default. This is not the case. In the analyzer, under the heading “Personalities,” you will find a subheading for “Ground Controls.” Under “Ground Controls,” you will find selections for all of the functions that can be operated from the ground. Anytime a personality setting is adjusted, ensuring that function speeds are still within acceptable ranges called out in the service and maintenance manuals is essential.

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