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Alternators Belts Cooling System
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Exhaust Manifolds Filters Fuel Injectors
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Pistons and Rods Starters
The Kubota D1005 is a vertical, water-cooled, 4 cycle diesel engine rated at 23.5-27.3HP. GCIron is your source for genuine Kubota parts, A full line of Genuine Kubota D1005 parts including alternators, starters, belts, filters, manifolds, fuel injection pumps and nozzles.
Alternators Belts Cooling System
Genuine Kubota Alternators for the D1005 diesel engine. These genuine alternators will recharge your battery and provide maximum uptime. We are authorized to sell new Genuine Kubota Alternators. more info
Genuine Kubota belts for your D1005 diesel engine.  Perfect fitting Kubota V-belts, cogged belts, adjustable belts designed to power your engines. Get a hard working belt or pulley for your construction or industrial engine. more info
Genuine Kubota cooling system parts such as water pumps and thermostats for your D1005 diesel engine.  These thermostats and water pumps are designed to keep your engines running cool. Get the right thermostat and water pump designed to last. more info
Crankshaft Components Cylinder Head Components Electrical Accessories
Genuine Kubota Crankshaft Components for the D1005 diesel engine. These genuine crankshaft components, crankshafts, metal, bearings, and sleeves will provide perfect fitment and longevity. more info
Genuine Kubota Cylinder Head Components for the D1005 diesel engine. These cylinder heads, cylinder head kits, head gaskets will perform under severe conditions and delivery that Kubota D1005 diesel power. more info
Genuine Kubota Electrical Accessories for the D1005 diesel engine. These genuine Kubota electrical items include stop solenoids, connectors, oil switches, sensors, and water temperature switches. more info
Exhaust Manifolds Filters Fuel Injectors
A full line of Genuine Kubota exhaust manifolds and mufflers for your D1005 diesel engine. These genuine emission related parts will fit perfectly for your engine. more info
Genuine Kubota Filters for the D1005 diesel engine. Genuine filters deliver high performance in severe working conditions.  Protect your investment with genuine Kubota Filters. more info
Genuine Kubota Fuel Nozzle Injectors for the D1005 diesel engine. These genuine fuel nozzle injectors will power your injection pump and deliver the horsepower you need. more info
Fuel Pumps Lubrication System Miscellaneous
Genuine Kubota fuel pumps for the D1005 diesel engine. These genuine electric and mechanical fuel pumps will keep you flowing. more info
Genuine Kubota Lubrication System parts like the oil pump, dipstick, or dipstick tube for the D1005 diesel engine. These genuine lubrication and oil parts will keep you running slick and smoothly even in tough conditions. more info
Pistons and Rods Starters
Genuine Kubota piston, piston kits and rings for the D1005 diesel engine. These genuine pistons are a perfect fit including standard size and oversize pistons. more info
Genuine Kubota starters for the D1005 diesel engine will get you cranking.  These OEM Kubota starters will get you cranking and are built to last while operating in severe conditions. more info
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01023-50670 01023-50670 BOLT

Kubota Parts KU-01023-50670 BOLT

Our Price: $0.92
76630-58510 76630-58510 MUFFLER ASSY.

76630-58510, MUFFLER ASSY., Kubota Parts

Our Price: $285.78
04814-10280 04814-10280 O RING

KU-04814-10280, O RING, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $3.01
15451-73010 15451-73010 THERMOSTAT ASSY.

Kubota Parts 15451-73010 THERMOSTAT ASSY.

Our Price: $33.46
15522-12350 15522-12350 GASKET MANIFOLD NA

Part Number:  KU-15522-12350, Description: [VO] GASKET MANIFOLD NA, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $4.99

16032-94040 16032-94040 WASHER

Kubota Washer KU-16032-94040

Our Price: $3.78
16241-03450 16241-03450 BOLT, CYLINDER HEAD

KU-16241-03450, BOLT, CYLINDER HEAD, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $6.16
16241-21330 16241-21330 CIR-CLIP, PISTON PIN

KU-16241-21330, CIR-CLIP,PISTON PIN, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $1.32
16259-36410 16259-36410 GAUGE, OIL

Part Number: 16259-36410, Description: GAUGE, OIL, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $26.36

16261-12350 16261-12350 GASKET, EXHAUST MANIFOLD


Our Price: $8.18

16261-42502 16261-42502 PIPE, OVERFLOW ASSY

16261-42502, PIPE,OVERFLOW ASSY, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $18.91
16265-74110 16265-74110 FAN, SUCTION 330MM

Kubota Parts KU-16265-74110 FAN, SUCTION 330MM

Our Price: $46.52
16271-92010 16271-92010 NUT

KU-16271-92010, NUT, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $1.00
16292-23494 16292-23494 METAL, CRANKSHAFT

Kubota Parts KU-16292-23494 METAL,CRANKSHAFT

Our Price: $36.76
16611-63660 16611-63660 CORD, STOP SOLENOID

Kubota Parts KU-16611-63660 CORD, STOP SOLENOID

Our Price: $6.31
1K533-97010 1K533-97010 BELT, FAN

KU-1K533-97010, BELT, FAN, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $24.19
70000-43081 70000-43081 FILTER, FUEL

70000-43081 FILTER, FUEL, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $6.77

HH150-32094 HH150-32094 CARTRIDGE, OIL FILTER

Kubota HH150-32094 Description:  CARTRIDGE, OIL FILTER

Our Price: $10.29

HH160-32093 Description:  ASSY CARTRIDGE, OIL FILTER

Our Price: $9.99
15262-36420 15262-36420 OIL GAUGE GUIDE

15262-36420, OIL GAUGE GUIDE, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $53.31
15547-74112 15547-74112 FAN, PUSHER 330MM

Kubota Parts 15547-74112 FAN, PUSHER 330MM

Our Price: $56.70
15694-74110 15694-74110 FAN, PUSHER 330MM

15694-74110, FAN, PUSHER 330MM, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $57.90

16241-23280 16241-23280 SLEEVE, CRANKSHAFT

KU-16241-23280, SLEEVE, CRANKSHAFT, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $49.76
16271-60012 16271-60012 SOLENOID, STOP

16271-60012, SOLENOID, STOP, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $142.42
16285-52032 16285-52032 PUMP, FUEL ASSY MECHANICAL

Part Number:  16285-52032 Description:  PUMP, FUEL ASSY MECHANICAL, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $109.54
17213-12312 17213-12312 MANIFOLD, EXHAUST

17213-12312, MANIFOLD,EXHAUST, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $122.98
1G690-74120 1G690-74120 COVER, FAN

KU-1G690-74120, COVER,FAN, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $88.44
1G700-12310 1G700-12310 EXHAUST MANIFOLD

KU-1G700-12310 EXHAUST MANIFOLD Kubota Parts

Our Price: $143.14

1G996-72060 1G996-72060 ASSY RADIATOR

1G996-72060, ASSY RADIATOR, Kubota Parts

Our Price: $826.52