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MQ Power Standy-By Diesel Generators

MQ Power is unmatched with a first class line of generators fit for most industrial applications. No job is beyond MQ Power's limits with a full line of diesel-powered generators from 2.3 to 2000kW.

For more than 20 years, MQ Power refined power generation technology into the quietest, cleanest burning generators on the market for construction, entertainment, special events and even military applications. MQ Power's commitment to producing the perfect generator continues as they develop more efficient power-generating technology, more productive manufacturing processes, and develop ways to better serve their customers.

MQ Power Whisperwatt Generators: MQ Power's fuel-efficient WhisperWattT generators have set the industry standard for performance and reliability. With sturdy construction and an impressive list of features and options, our generators are recognized for their ability to handle the toughest uses under the most extreme conditions. Superior engineering and construction allows MQ Power generators to boast extended service lives and low maintenance requirements keeping them on the job when you need them most.

MQ Power Ultra-Silent Generators: MQ Power's revolutionary Ultra-Silent Series generators are the world's quietest and best performing portable power sources. The next generation of WhisperWatts, with a patented soundproof housing, boasts even lower noise levels than MQ Power's industry-leading sound-attenuated units. With sound levels from 56 to 63dBA full load at 23 feet, the generators are up to 11 decibels quieter than the current WhisperWatt line. In fact, your everyday conversation is probably louder than these new generator models.The Ultra-Silent Series generators features an upgraded environmental package with an integrated fuel tank and fluid containment system, improved fuel efficiency and voltage regulation, and residual value that is unmatched by any other generator. There are 6 single/three-phase models in the Ultra-Silent Series, with outputs ranging from 25 to 150kVA.