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Failure to obey the instructions and safety rules in the appropriate Operator's Manual and Service Manual for your machine will result in death or serious injury. Many of the hazards identified in the operator’s manual are also safety hazards when maintenance and repair procedures are performed.

Do Not Perform Maintenance Unless:

  1. You are trained and qualified to perform maintenance on this machine.
  2. You read, understand and obey:
    1. manufacturer’s instructions and safety rules
    2. employer’s safety rules and worksite regulations applicable governmental regulations
  3. You have the appropriate tools, lifting equipment and a suitable workshop.

Overcrank Protection and JSP Cover Torque

Models Affected: JLG G6-42A, G9-43A, G10-43A, G10-55A, G12-55A and SkyTrak 6036, 6042, 8042, 10042, 10054 Telehandlers with Tier 4i (ULS) Cummins Engines, (Models QSB3.3 and 4.5)

With the incorporation of Tier 4i (ULS) engines into the telehandler models listed above, Cummins has added an overcrank protection feature to prevent overheating of the starter solenoid due to intentional continuous cranking. The starter manufacturer dictates the solenoid may be engaged for a maximum of 30 seconds at a time. An attempt to exceed the 30-second interval will result in the interruption of current through the starter lockout relay until the solenoid has an opportunity to cool. The cooldown period takes approximately 120 seconds and will allow the relay to reset.

The starter also has a feature that prevents accidental crossing of the solenoid terminals while servicing, called a JSP (Jump Start Protection) cover. If the nut securing this cover is torqued beyond the recommended value, an interruption of current through the starter solenoid may result and the engine will not crank. In the event current through the starter solenoid is lost, recheck the torque of the cover nut prior to replacing the starter.

JLG Starter Part Numbers 70024277 and 70024311