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Portable Air Compressor

Portable and stationary air compressors designed to meet the needs of the industrial and contractor professtional who insists on quality tools and years of dependeable service.
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Pancake Electric Air Compressor, Best CFM in class 4.0 CFM of free air@100psi, 4.5 gallon pancake tank.

List Price $593.00 Currently Unavailable

Electric 5 gallon air compressor. Single stage, 2HP 120V, 15amps, 4.1cfm @100PSI, net weight 60lbs.

List Price $790.00 Currently Unavailable
AC1-PE02-08M MI-T-M AC1-PE02-08M

Electric 8 gallon air compressor.   Single stage, 2HP 120V, 18.8 amps, 8.4cfm @100PSI, net weight 175 lbs.

List Price $1,530.00 Currently Unavailable
AC1-PH55-08M MI-T-M AC1-PH55-08M

Gasoline 8 gallon air compressor.  Single stage, 5.5HP Honda, 9cfm @100PSI, net weight 170lbs.

List Price $1,905.00 Currently Unavailable
AC1-PH55-20M MI-T-M AC1-PH55-20M

Gasoline 20 gallon air compressor.  Single stage, 5.5HP Honda, 9CFM @100PSI, net weight 177lbs.

List Price $2,200.00 Currently Unavailable
AS2-PE05-08M MI-T-M AS2-PE05-08M

Electric 8 gallon air compressor.   Two stage, 5HP 208-230V, 20-22.5 amps, net weight 250lbs.

List Price $2,520.00 Currently Unavailable
AS2-PH08-08M MI-T-M AS2-PH08-08M

Gasoline 8 gallon air compressor.  Two stage, 8HP Honda, 17.2 cfm @ 175PSI, net weight 260lbs.

List Price $3,225.00 Currently Unavailable

The big advantage of an air compressor is that each tool doesn't need its own bulky motor. Instead, a single motor on the compressor converts the electrical energy into kinetic energy. This makes the air compressor light, compact, easy-to-handle tools. While there are compressors that use rotating impellers to generate air pressure, positive-displacement compressors are more common and include the models used by many in the industry. With the positive-displacement air compressors, the air pressure is increased by reducing the size of the space that contains the air. Most of these air compressors do this by reciprocating piston.

A traditional piston compressor has a crankshaft which is driven by either an electric or gasoline engine. This air compressor has an air tank to hold a quantity of air within a preset pressure range. The compressed air in the tank drives the tools, and the motor keeps the pressure consistent with the amount set. Located at the top of the air compressor are the inlet and the discharge valves. When the piston moves down, there is a vacuum that is created. This allows the outside air to open up the inlet valve and replace the air above the piston. As the piston moves up again, it compresses the outside air, keeping the inlet valve shut, and allows the discharge valve to open. The compressed air moves from the discharge port to the air compressors tanks. With each up and down revolution of the piston more air enters the tank and the presser rises. Most air compressors come in one or two cylinder versions. The two cylinder air compressors work the same way as the one cylinder, but instead there are two strokes per revolution instead of one.

Air compressor uses a pressure switch to stop the motor when the pressure in the tank has reached its preset limit. The air compressor will have a regulator for the air line that allows the user to set the pressure required for the tool that is being used. The air pressure tank also has a safety valve that will open if the pressure switch malfunctions.

GCIron carries many variations of the air compressor. Including both towable air compressor from Sullair and portable air compressors from MI-T-M and EDCO The portable air compressors offered from MI-T-M and EDCO range from a five gallon tank to a twenty gallon tank. The Sullair towable air compressor is ideal for running multiple tools at once. Check out GCIron and the many varieties of air compressors that they offer.

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