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Cylinder Platform Rotator Pump
Swivel | Rotary Coupling Motor
Genuine SkyJack hydraulic components are designed by SkyJack engineers to keep your machines running smoothly. Hydraulic parts for your scissor lifts, boom lifts, and telehandlers such as cylinders, motors, brakes, actuators, rotators, swivels and rotary couplings.
Cylinder Platform Rotator Pump
SkyJack hydraulic cylinders are mechanical linear actuators that raise your machine up in the air.  These SkyJack pistons are precision made to fit perfectly and perform as expected. more info
SkyJack hydraulic rotators are there to allow the platform or jib to rotate 180 degrees from side to side. These rotators allow the boom lift to fit into more compact spaces. more info
SkyJack hydraulic pumps is the hydraulic component that is responsible for delivering the pressure throughout the machine.  SkyJack pumps are responsible for all functions.  On electric scissor lifts, you will find them located next to the electric motor.  On larger machines such as telescopic booms or forklifts you can find them located next to the engine. more info
Swivel | Rotary Coupling Motor
SkyJack hydraulic swivels, rotary couplings are there to allow the boom superstructure to rotate 360 degrees without tangling the hydraulic hoses at the base of the machine. more info
SkyJack hydraulic motors are located at the wheel end and boom superstructure.  SkyJack drive motors are responsible for drive and boom rotate. more info
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194615 194615 HYD WHEEL MOTOR

Part Number: 194615 | Description: HYD WHEEL MOTOR | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $644.04
Sale Price: $611.84
You save $32.20!
147662 147662 PUMP HYDRAULIC 4.3CC

Part Number: 147662 | Description:  PUMP HYDRAULIC 4.3CC | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $454.61
Sale Price: $431.88
You save $22.73!
199922BA 199922BA CYLINDER, BRAKE SJ322X

Part Number: 199922BA | Description:  CYLINDER, BRAKE SJ322X | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $310.15
Sale Price: $294.64
You save $15.51!
310545 310545 WHEEL MOTOR SJ3

Part Number:  SJ-310545| Description:  WHEEL MOTOR SJ3 | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $742.52
106587 106587 PUMP .291

Part Number:  SJ-106587| Description:  PUMP .291 | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $393.99
138116 138116 PUMP, DRIVE SJ40/45T

Part Number:  SJ-138116| Description:  PUMP, DRIVE SJ40/45T | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $9,695.46
141657 141657 MOTOR WHEEL, REAR W/BRAKE 32.7

Part Number: 141657 | Description:  MOTOR WHEEL, REAR W/BRAKE 32.7 | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $2,121.50
103130 103130 MOTOR, HYD. 1407

Part Number:  SJ-103130| Description:  MOTOR, HYD. 1407 | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $1,237.95
106577 106577 BARNES HYD PUMP SJII

Part Number:  SJ-106577 | Description:  BARNES PUMP SJII | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $312.82
107264 107264 .226 PUMP W/CHECK VALVE

Part Number:  SJ-107264| Description:  .226 PUMP W/CHECK VALVE | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $295.51
107485 107485 PUMP .161 SJM

Part Number:  SJ-107485 | Description:  PUMP .161 SJM | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $395.08
109878 109878 HYDRAULIC PUMP .161

Part Number:  SJ-109878| Description:  HYDRAULIC PUMP .161 | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $499.00

Part Number:  SJ-110460 | Description:  BARNES PUMP WISC./DIES/FORD | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $813.97
111289 111289 PUMP MOTOR TANK UNIT

Part Number:  SJ-111289| Description:  PUMP MOTOR TANK UNIT | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $1,282.66
113173 113173 PUMP, HYDRAULIC 1.26GPM

Part Number:  SJ-113173| Description:  PUMP, HYDRAULIC 1.26GPM | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $887.56

Part Number:  SJ-113875| Description:  PUMP, FABCO GENERATOR | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $1,508.86
114201 114201 PUMP, DUAL .671/.366

Part Number:  SJ-114201| Description:  PUMP, DUAL .671/.366 | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $878.41
117140 117140 BARNES PUMP SJM 4 HP

Part Number:  SJ-117140| Description:  BARNES PUMP SJM 4 HP | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $414.57
118642 118642 PUMP, MOTOR TANK 9250 MODIFIED

Part Number:  SJ-118642| Description:  PUMP, MOTOR TANK 9250 MODIFIED | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $1,325.95
119999 119999 PUMP GEAR

Part Number:  SJ-119999| Description:  PUMP GEAR | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $1,001.70 Currently Unavailable
129664 129664 PUMP, MOTOR ASSEMBLY

Part Number:  SJ-129664| Description:  PUMP, MOTOR ASSEMBLY | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $1,515.34
129961 129961 PUMP, .226 DISPLACEMENT FOR EE

Part Number:  SJ-129961| Description:  PUMP, .226 DISPLACEMENT FOR EE | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $920.36

Part Number:  SJ-129965| Description:  PUMP, HYDRAULIC(SJIIIE) | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $940.85
13529219 13529219 HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMP

Part Number:  SJ-13529219| Description:  HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMP | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $1,845.95

Part Number:  SJ-137852| Description:  PUMP ASSEMBLY, INJECTION (KUBO | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $2,122.73 Currently Unavailable
138117 138117 PUMP, SYSTEM SJ40/45T

Part Number:  SJ-138117| Description:  PUMP, SYSTEM SJ40/45T | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $4,833.54
147099 147099 PUMP/MOTOR ASSEMBLY SJ3 4.3CC

Part Number:  SJ-147099| Description:  PUMP/MOTOR ASSEMBLY SJ3 4.3CC | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $1,290.55
169261 169261 PUMP, HYDRAULIC

169261 Click here to find the location of this part on the equipment

Our Price: $255.08
Sale Price: $242.33
You save $12.75!
9-190044 9-190044 CYLINDER, EXTEND 130B

Part Number:  SJ-9-190044| Description:  CYLINDER, EXTEND 130B | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $8,949.55
103131 103131 MOTOR, HYDRAULIC 3207

Part Number:  SJ-103131 | Description:  MOTOR, HYDRAULIC 3207 | SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $820.84
128528 128528 MOTOR/PUMP COMBO, 24DC/.226 (E

Part Number: 128528, Description: MOTOR/PUMP COMBO, 24DC/.226 (E, SkyJack Parts

Our Price: $1,985.20