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0010: Running at Cutback - Out of Transport Position

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Serial number range: 0300061718 - 0300203771

Machine will not drive in high speed when main boom is lowered. JLG Analyzer display is reading RUNNING AT CUT BACK.

Note: The limit switch senses the machine is in normal transport position. Normal transport position is when the main boom is below horizontal and centered between the rear wheels.



Possible Causes

Defective Elevation Switch

Damaged Harness

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Verify the limit switch located near the main lift cylinder barrel end mount is not stuck. The JLG analyzer can be used to see the state of the elevation switch in DIAGNOSTICS/SYSTEM/BOOM ELEV SW. Reference the attachment for limit switch locations.

A. If the limit switch is stuck, repair or replace.

2. Verify the wires are securely attached to terminals 21 and 22 inside the limit switch and secure them if they are loose.

3. Verify there is 12v on both terminal 21 and 22 on the limit switch with a multimeter with the switch depressed.

A. If there is not 12v on either terminal of the limit switch, inspect the harness from the limit switch back to the ground control box for open circuits and repair any open circuit.

B. If there is 12v on one terminal but not the other with the switch depressed, replace the limit switch.

Suggested Tools

  • Multimeter

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