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132:2 - Engine Intake Mass Air Flow Circuit

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The engine control module (ECM) is detecting a current change to the air flow within the intake system.

Note: The air mass flow sensor receives a 12 volt supply from the ECM


Possible performance reductions of the engine output.

Possible Causes

Primary or Secondary Air Filter damage or restriction

Air Mass Flow sensor malfunction or contamination

Engine wire harness or connection malfunction

Air leak in the intake system

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Check the primary and secondary air filter elements for cleanliness and damage.

A. If the filters clogged with dirt or damaged, replace the filters.

2. Check the entire intake system for any possible air leaks that would change the air flow volume.

A. If a leak is found, seal the system as needed.

3. Remove the Air Mass Flow sensor located at the air filter box and inspect it for damage, dirt, oil or moisture.

A. If the sensor has any of the above, replace the sensor because it can not be cleaned.

4. Inspect the sensor connection and engine harness back to the engine control module (ECM).

A. If there is damage found, repair the harness or connection as needed.

5. After all checks and repairs are completed, perform the following procedure to get the fault to clear.

A. Start the engine and allow the engine to reach 165 degrees.

B. Shut the engine off for 90 seconds.

C. Start the engine up and give the engine full throttle for three minutes until the fault code clears.

1. If the code fails to clear shut the engine down for 90 seconds.

2. Start the engine and allow to idle for three minutes until the fault code clears.