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Serial number range: 0200000000 - 0200266434

The machine will only lift for about 5 seconds and will stop elevating.

Note: This article is for all ES scissors with Sevcon and Zappi power systems. Some of these machines may also have a serial number range of M200000100 to M200042611. If using a Service Manual to check lift pressures, make sure you have the correct serial number range for the machine.


The display and JLG analyzer will read 2512 and functions will be prevented except for lift down.

Possible Causes

Faulty Sensor
Sensor Linkage
Wire Harness

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Use the JLG analyzer and go to DIAGNOSTICS/ELEV SENSOR/ANGLE SENSOR VOLTAGE, the reading should increase as the platform is raised.

A. If the angle elevation sensor does not change, check the mechanical linkage to the sensor. On this machine, the sensor linkage is a key coupling and the sensor must be removed to inspect the linkage. Please note any dismounting of the sensor will require an elevation sensor calibration.

2. Calibrate the elevation angle sensor.

3. Make sure there is a physical movement of the arm stack when the lift is activated.

A. If this is the case make sure there are no other active codes for the lift circuit.

B. If the pump is running but the lift is not raising, check the relief pressures using the service manual or for a stuck lift down valve.

4. Replace the sensor and recalibrate the elevation angle sensor.

Suggested Tools

  • Fluke Multimeter
  • JLG Hand Held Analyzer

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