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2791:13 - EGR Valve Controller - Out of Calibration

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The EGR valve has failed the automatic calibration procedure at the initial key ON. At key ON the engine control module will cycle the EGR valve closed as a system check. If it does not close the fault will be activated.

Note: The EGR Valve and EGR Differential Pressure Sensor location varies depending on the engine model.



Possible Causes

Malfunctioning EGR Valve Assembly

Troubleshooting Steps
When this fault code is active, it is going to be a mechanical malfunction of the EGR valve. The valve can get a build up of carbon preventing the valve from closing fully. The EGR valve can be cleaned by qualified mechanics by removing it and cleaning the valve spool with a nylon brush and carburetor cleaner. If the mechanic is not qualified they will need to contact their local Cummins dealer to provide the proper service of the EGR Valve.

Suggested Tools

  • Cummins Analyzer Kit
  • Standard Mechanical Tools